An Honors Opera Adventure


Honors students attended a performance of Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte in October. The performance was a special event of the Fall 2013 Honors colloquium, “Mozart: The Making of a Genius”, taught by Drs Ellen Williams and Jeff Martinson.  (See the class photo above.) Honors freshman Laura Culpepper shares her reaction to the live opera performance:

On October 6, a group of Meredith students and faculty attended a performance of Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte by the North Carolina Opera at the Fletcher Opera Theater in downtown Raleigh.  A total of forty students attended the event, accompanied by three faculty members.

Cosi fan tutte is set in Naples during the late 18th century. Laughter, irony, and genuine emotion mark this well-celebrated opera, with its entertaining plot, unforgettable characters, and beautiful music. Cosi fan tutte or Thus Do They All, referring to the supposed temperaments of the women in the performance and all women in general, is a delightful opera that many will enjoy.    

Other Honors student attendees added their impressions:

“Using music to evoke a particular emotion was evident throughout the production.  This collaboration of music and characterization shows the direction that Mozart and Da Ponte wanted to give to the opera buffa.” – Marlena Brown

“Having studied the composers, plot line, history, and librettist, I had a very well-rounded knowledge of the opera, and this helped me so much in understanding and appreciating the music.” –Jessica Williford

“Even with all the preparation and background knowledge I had accumulated through class and readings, there is nothing that can prepare an individual for the power and emotion that evolves and ignites when opera singers and orchestra tell a story.” — Lara Pantlin

It’s great to see how Honors classes and out-of-class adventures work together! Students in the Mozart colloquium say that the opportunity to attend an opera enriched their experience in the course and opened their eyes to a new musical world.

By the Honors editorial board: Mollie Melton, Linda Sankat, Lucy Rynka-Estevez, Caitlyn Martin.


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