Coming Spring 2014

In the spring semester, Dr. Bill Landis, Professor of Nutrition, will be teaching the Honors colloquium Omnivore’s Dilemma.  We thought it’d be fun to introduce Dr. Landis with a couple questions before the course begins:


What is your favorite quote?

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not using it in a fruit salad”

Do you ever watch funny cat videos on YouTube?

Nope, don’t watch them. After living with a cat in our household for 20 years, I’ve got enough cat moments in my brain to last a lifetime.

What inspired this course?  What are some of the things that will set this apart as a Honors experience?

To really understand one’s own diet and the broader system that produces the food we eat, it needs to be investigated both academically and personally. Therefore, this course will have a strong experiential component which will bring the student in contact with the people that produce our food, and the things that comprise our food, both plant and animal.  Preparing and eating meals, guest speakers, and field trips (including a wild foods tour and animal slaughtering experience – gross!), will help to fully inform the individual about the complex and fascinating world of the human diet. A weekly food journal will be one tool in which students will chronicle their changing views and feelings about their own diet. I’m excited to see over the course of the semester how student views evolve emotionally, politically, and in terms of the quality of their diet.

Thanks, Dr. Landis!  We can’t wait for this course to get underway!


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