Study Tips

Welcome back! For Meredith students, the tranquility of Thanksgiving break is immediately followed by a massive surge of stress. The reason? Final exams. However, if you bear in mind these tips from your upper-class Honors peers, you will undoubtedly make it through these next two weeks successfully:

Don’t go to all of the study break socials that come up on Reading Day  make time out for your own studying and treat the socials like they were meant to be treated: breaks in between study sessions.

Take the opportunity to ask your classmates for help if you don’t understand something. Go bug the A-student who’s been asking all the bright questions all semester, and schedule a group study session. It will help her to teach it to you and you’ll get the benefit of a tutor who knows the professor and course requirements as well as you do.

Take care of yourself. Finals week is about endurance. Your body can only take so many coffee boosts and all-nighters before your mental capacity diminishes with your grades if you don’t make sure to exercise, sleep, and eat well.

– Jean Webb
  • Look over old tests and rework the more intensive problems. 
  • Eat breakfast. Didn’t study enough? Don’t skip breakfast to study, multitask! Breakfast is important.
  • Consider group studying.  Collaborative studying helps you learn tricks and tips from other classmates. Explaining concepts to other classmates may also make concepts clearer for you in the process.
– Elizabeth Marshall
Best of luck on your exams! Remember, BREATHE. (We will be on semester break in just a couple of weeks!)
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