Scholars’ Weekend Memories

This weekend is Scholars’ Weekend! Meredith College Honors students are eager to welcome potential members of the Class of 2018 as they arrive on campus this Sunday for their Honors Program interviews! Best of luck, future Angels! Just smile and be yourself! When you look back on this experience years from now, you are more likely to remember the wonderful memories and friends that you made:

The best part was spending a night in an actual dorm, which made college seem a lot less terrifying.  I also met one of my closest friends when she asked if she could sit next to me in the beginning information session.

– Katie O’Dell

My favorite Scholars’ Weekend memory is seeing the fountains transformed into ice sculptures.

– Patience Hill

I loved just sitting in my host’s room and talking to her about Meredith. She let me in on cool tips and tricks that only Meredith students would know and really made me feel at home. She even made a cute sign for my door on move-in day and we have become great friends!

– Noel Fox

I met my fantabulous roommate, Tyler, over Scholars’ Weekend in 2012! She is my best friend and I’m so glad I had the chance to meet her!

– Erica Battles

I met one of my best friends at Scholars’ Weekend and we even chose to room together Freshman year!

– Maegan Smith


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