Senior Spotlight: Lara Pantlin

As the semester is nearing an end, Honors seniors are getting ready to graduate. This week, we’d like to recognize another of our Honors seniors, Lara Pantlin. As a sophomore, it is so exciting and encouraging for me to see what other students have done and the way they’ve left their mark on Meredith. While each of us will have different experiences at Meredith, we always have the opportunity to learn from each other, and so I’m excited to share what Lara said.EPA_Lara0005

1. What is your major(s) and what do you like about it?

I’m a psychology major and I love the faculty in the department. They treat all their students with high regard and respect which facilitates increased productivity across the department.

2. What has been one of your favorite memories from your experience at Meredith?

My favorite memories are: cross country winning conference, presenting my research at CSA day, and hearing Dr. O’Dekirk’s speech about me at the award ceremony on CSA day.Regionals Send Off2

3. Do you have any advice for younger Honors students?

Start with less on your plate and then go back for seconds!

4. What was your favorite tradition to participate in?

Class Day

5. Which class had the biggest impact on you?

Research Methods in Psychology with Dr. D. Fairbank

6. What are your plans after graduation?

PhD student at Colorado State University in Cognitive Neuroscience

7. What do you see yourself doing five years from now?

Finishing up my PhD hopefully!


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