Freshman Honors Profile – Megan Munson

Hey, guys!  Can you believe it’s already Halloween, and we only have one week until Corn Huskin’?!  This entire semester has gone by so fast.  I really hope everyone is doing well and pulling it together with their classes – only about a month left until we will have completed our first semester of college!

I have spotlighted a few freshmen who have given me great insight about how they are feeling about being here at Meredith and the progress they have made thus far here in the Honors Program.  I think as new Honors students, it’s important for us to hear from people our own age about things they are facing, what they are experiencing, and how they think a degree from Meredith will impact their lives.

My first candidate is Megan Munson.  I’d like for you all to take a moment and think about being where you are right now, academically, here at Meredith, as an Honors scholar, or a Teaching Fellow.  Either way, academic rigor is a challenge everyone faces in their first semester of college; now, imagine being BOTH of those things. Megan is an Honors scholar and a Teaching Fellow, with the intent to become an English professor.  I sat down with Megan and asked her a few things about her management between both programs, and here is what she had to say:

“Megan, what kind of opportunities has the Honors program provided for you thus far?”

“I like the opportunity to take more rigorous classes while here at Meredith. I also like the day-long/weekend-long trips that we take, because I form a bond with my fellow honors sisters. Fun fact: On the trip to the NC History Museum, I took my first ever Raleigh bus ride!   It was my first time using public transportation in Raleigh.”

“And how did you like that?”

“The bus seats were very colorful and very nice! A stranger got on the bus at another stop and he was wearing a shirt that said “FF Baseball” and it was the initials of my high school. So I leaned over, because he was in the isle, and I was by the window, so I asked, “Are you from First Flight High School?” and he said, “Yes . . . . do you know about First Flight?” So we ended up talking about our high school teachers. He graduated in 2009 and I just graduated this year, so we talked about who was still there and things that have changed. It was a great experience and we talked the entire time. It was something I’ll never forget and I wouldn’t have had that if it weren’t for the Honors Program.”

“That’s so cool!  So, how do you feel about being an Honors student and a Teaching Fellow?”

“I didn’t know what to expect coming in at all.  My roommate likes to say that I’m a Teaching Fellow with a lot of extra work to do and honestly, I really like doing both. I like the opportunities that are afforded to me through the Honors and Teaching Fellows programs, which I think make me a more well- rounded student.”

“That’s wonderful! So what do you want to teach?”

“Right now, I am on track to teach middle school English.”

Amazing, right? My last question was probably my favorite question and I received a great response from her:

“What did you see in Meredith that you never saw in any other college you visited?”

“To be completely honest, Meredith was not my first choice. The whole idea of going to an all-girls school was not something I had originally envisioned when applying to college. But throughout my senior year of high school, Meredith continuously overwhelmed me. You can really tell how much they care about each student – which I found was hard to affirmatively see at other, bigger colleges. I loved receiving Christmas and Valentine’s Day cards in the mail from Meredith. Not only did the small personal touches really impress me, they also made my parents excited about Meredith. The more I learned about Meredith, the more I fell in love. The small class sizes, the perfect location, and admittance to both the Honors and Teaching Fellows programs all continually convinced me that this college is the best fit for me. The deal was sealed once I received a generous academic scholarship. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Meredith is the school that God wants me to go to – he kept on putting people in my life who encouraged me that Meredith was my best fit. Now that I’m here, I am fully convinced that God has put me here for a reason. The friends I’ve made, the organizations I’ve been involved with, and the wonderful classes I’ve taken have altogether made Meredith an overall wonderful experience. There are new and enriching opportunities around every corner – which is what college is supposed to be about, right?”

“We are so glad to have you here! Thank you for your time.”

Thanks so much, Megan! We can’t wait to see you shine here! 🙂


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