Senior Spotlight: Monique Kreisman

This year, the Honors Program has 53 seniors who will be graduating in May. The seniors contribute to Meredith and the Honors Program in amazing ways, and we have a lot that we’re learning through watching everything they’re accomplishing. One of our seniors is Monique Kreisman, a double-major in Political Science and English, who is also a representative for the Class of 2015 on the Honors Committee.

Photo courtesy of Monique Kreisman

One of the many things Monique is involved with is the Meredith Herald. She was a staff writer her sophomore year, and since her junior year she has been the News Editor, a role that entails many copy edits for news articles the Herald publishes each week. Her sophomore year was a big year—the 2012 election—and helped shape Monique’s first semester working on the paper. “It was really cool to be working that year for that,” Monique told me.

In the spring of 2014, Monique spent the semester studying in Siena, Italy. “I knew I wanted to go to Italy, and the Study Abroad Office helped me find the program that I did,” she said, adding that she wanted to go on a program that allowed her to live with Italian students and take classes with them. She traveled to Italy with an adventurous attitude set on getting everything she could out of the experience: “One of my goals was to make friends with Italian students and not just with other Americans.”

One of the things taking up a lot of her time right now is writing her Honors thesis, or theses. As a double-major, Monique is writing one thesis in English and one in political science. With both to manage, she says “It’s difficult to balance time. Based on what mood I’m in, I’ll work on that one.” Her political science thesis is on political opinions of the death penalty and how they change in society. Her English thesis is in creative writing and is a story about literary theory. “It’s an allegory where each of the characters represents a different theory in a court case.” With two different research projects to work on at the same time, Monique says that “It’s challenging and fun, but very time-consuming.”

When I asked her what one of her favorite memories from Meredith is, she had a hard time coming up with just one, but said the Fall Trip to Washington, D.C. in 2012 would definitely be one. Another one she told me about was about a class she contracted: “I enjoyed my Honors Contract in Law and Society where I sat in on court cases.” One of the reasons Monique cited for the class contract being such an enjoyable, beneficial experience was that she was new to Raleigh and it helped her to become more familiar with the area. I also asked her what she was looking forward to most between now and Commencement in May, although it’s a few months off. In addition to looking forward to having classes next semester that she is taking for fun, Monique concluded that she is looking forward to “Leaving Meredith with really good memories.”


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