Meredith Shirts Get Lonely, Too


A Meredith student is known for her obsession with corn, her shiny Onyx, and, of course, her endless supply of T-shirts. Thankfully, the Honors Program has a brand new T-shirt coming your way, just in time to fill up that empty space in your closet.

Select Honors Committee members are hard at work planning the 2017 Honors T-shirt. Annie Morin, a member of this sub-committee, states: “The Honors T-shirt committee is in full swing; we meet about once every other week.” Now, I know we’re all dying to see that shirt design-I definitely am-but it’s to remain a mystery until it’s time for the big reveal. However, we’re given a chance to have our voice heard and to play a part in designing the T-shirt. Each Honors student will have the opportunity to vote in a survey for her favorite quote about education to be presented on the back of the shirt.

Sales are tentatively scheduled to begin early spring semester, so be on the lookout! Your other fabulous Meredith T-shirts are in need of a new friend.

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