Where in the World Did Honors Students Go Over Spring Break?

By Mimi Mays

Where in the world

Orlando, FL (purple pin)image1.JPG

Miranda Ameen, Emily Kelleher, Amy Poonnak, and Vanessa Cupil-Garcia spent six days at Walt Disney World and visited all the parks. It was especially exciting for Amy and Vanessa, who had never been to Disney World before! It was apparently a popular destination, too, because they ran into many current Meredith sisters and alumni.

Washington, D.C. (blue pin)

Junior Alexan Bailey spent her break in Washington, D.C. doing service with the National Baptist Memorial Church, helping facilitate a food pantry that takes place every other Saturday morning for the community. She was proud to use her Spanish-speaking skills to make conversation with some Hispanic people that came through the food pantry because no one else was able to speak Spanish. She was able to find this opportunity thanks to her campus ministry, the Cooperative Baptist Student Fellowship, Raleigh (CBSF Raleigh), which was partnering with the UNC branch of the ministry (CBSF UNC) for the service.

When not working, Alexan visited the Smithsonian Museums, the Supreme Court, Chinatown, and the National Zoo. She also went to a presentation from the Baptist Joint Committee advocating for religious liberty in accordance with the 1st Amendment for all religious affiliates (atheist, Catholic, Sikh, Islam, etc.).

New York, NY (red pin)

Freshman Jordan Stellar went on a mission trip to New York City with her church over the break. The first half of the week brought very cold weather, but it warmed eventually!

Durham, NC (green pin)


Senior Arielle Boland was able to spend her break with her sister, an ECU nursing student, her brother, an App State business student, and her other brother, a Wake Tech engineering student. They had a blast traveling to Durham and visiting Duke Gardens, even bringing their puppy, Jade, along. The park has undergone some new renovations recently, making it a great place to visit with friends or family. Spring has definitely sprung in Durham!


Mooresville, NC (brown pin)IMG_9806

Freshman Laura Jenkins and her boyfriend made a 2-hour trip across North Carolina to the Lazy 5 Ranch, a drive through zoo and petting zoo. They fed ostriches, emu, pigs, bison, deer, cows, llamas, and giraffes, got to pet zebras, and saw kangaroos, a camel, lemurs, and peacocks! Laura highly recommends this attraction to animal-lovers—plus the ice-cream shop nearby that she treated herself to afterwards!

Washington, D.C. (blue pin)

Junior Emily Chilton briefly went to Washington, D.C. with her roommate for a few days of spring break, and was delighted to get a Library of Congress library card while there! She did some thesis research in the Newspaper Reading room and also went in the famous Main Reading Room. She’ll certainly remember this “nerd moment” for a long time!

Catalina Island (yellow pin) and Ensenada, Mexico (orange pin)

Freshman Mimi Mays briefly went home to Portland, OR, before departing on a cruise to Mexico with her mom. The two spent a day at sea before docking at Santa Catalina Island, part of the state of California, and spent the next day in Ensenada, Mexico. They got to see La Bufadora, one of the largest marine geysers in North America, and toured the mountains in a rented golf cart. Nachos are much yummier in Mexico, she says!



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