“Wait, you go to a women’s college?”

by Caroline Diorio, ’20

Hello everyone! So as most of you know, attending Meredith is a huge honor. However, going to a women’s college in this day and age can raise some interesting (sometimes exasperating) questions from those around you. With that in mind, I’ve decided to kick off the first Honors blog post of the year with a short list of fun answers you can use the next time someone feels the need to comment on your school of choice. Enjoy!


Question #1: “So is Meredith just one big convent?”

Answer: It most certainly is! We Meredith students completely ignore our male professors,  friends, boyfriends, husbands, and family members from freshmen orientation all the way through graduation. In fact, were it not for the Captain America poster in my room, I may very well have forgotten what a man looks like altogether.


Question #2: “Is it true that women who go to Meredith are just looking for their MRS degree? You know, because NC State is right down the road?”

Answer: Yes. Because everyone knows that the easiest way to find a husband is by going to a school with no male undergrads instead of the co-ed school that is, in fact, right down the road. After all, there’s no way that a young woman would choose to attend Meredith simply because she values a learning environment full of strong women who value their educations and their futures.


Question #3: “So what is Cornhuskin’ really?”

Answer: Cornhuskin’ is an ancient ritual where Meredith students pay tribute to the Mighty Cob, an all-powerful corn goddess that protects us from poor grades, cumulative exams, and the construction on Hillsborough street. Cornhuskin’ is a time of sisterhood, fellowship, and the occasional human sacrifice. However, if a human sacrifice cannot be provided, the Mighty Cob will also accept Cabin Socks and a $25 gift card to Cup-A-Joe (the one on Hillsborough Street is preferred).


Question #4: “What happens to the boys who get caught in the dorms past visiting hours?”

Answer: See answer to Question #3.


Actual photo of the Mighty Cob




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