5 Things Even Honors Students Don’t Know About Meredith…

By Mimi Mays

Lots of things have changed here at Meredith over the years, and most students have heard the most notable facts—our old Baptist affiliation, the old horse stables, and the floor pattern in the Science and Math building. But some things have slipped past the informational pamphlets…here are five things you probably don’t know about Meredith’s history.

  1. There was once a Krispy Kreme shop in the south-east corner of campus, and it was one of the only places students were allowed to walk to—we didn’t always have an open campus.
  2. Before the Wolfline, a trolley car used to run down Hillsborough Street, taking passengers from Meredith to downtown Raleigh.
  3. While today it’s used as the Infant and Toddler Center, The Ellen Brewer House used to serve as a “lab home”. Students majoring in Home Economics could practice running a home, managing a budget, and preparing meals. Practical or patriarchal? You can decide for yourself.
  4. As many know, Meredith’s graduate programs are now coeducational. They used to be women-only, as the undergraduate programs still are, and when the change to the graduate programs was first proposed, students staged a protest in the Rotunda.
  5. Dancing was once forbidden on Meredith’s campus. That’s right, we were a regular Footloose town!
Hillsborough Street trolley line
Facts courtesy of Vice President Dr. Jean Jackson and Meredith alum Jeanne Mays, class of ’48.
Photo courtesy of Goodnight Raleigh.

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