The 2018 Mere-lympic Games

By Mimi Mays

The 23rd Olympic Winter Games are underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea, with some outstanding competition so far. But let’s leave snowboarding to Chloe Kim and figure skating to Mirai Nagasu; in which events would Honors students compete if the Olympic Games were held right here at Meredith?

*cue Olympic march*

The race to the expression board; who can publicize their club or organization first?

Which volunteer can sign up the most people to buy the $3 Honors t-shirts?? It could be you…sign up to help at 🙂


The 200-yard sprint…from BDH to 2nd Joyner two minutes before your class starts; sound familiar?

Cross-country golf-carting, something in which the Meredith staff would likely win gold!

Bowling: surprisingly not an official Olympic sport, and a very popular course at Meredith.

The traditional biathlon is skiing and pea-shooting, but at Meredith, a student does a lap around the library, then runs inside to print her 13-page lab notebook before microbiology.

What do you think? Should we call the International Olympic Committee?? First we’ll need some adjudicators, and I hope Meredith Honors athletes are up to the task…Erica Occena? Ansley Harris? Julia Allsbrook? Hit me up.


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