Where-oh-where did our New Year’s resolutions go?

By Mimi Mays

It would probably surprise most to hear that 20.27% of 2018 has passed since we rang in the new year! As tradition implores, many Honors students made resolutions for the new year, and some of us dutifully stayed their course while some of us were distracted by bigger and better things. Here are some Honors students’ resolutions and how they’ve weathered these 74 days.

Lauren Luke, Class of 2020

Lauren’s biggest resolution was to not consume any soda for as long as she could manage. Surprisingly to her, she’s actually stuck to it! Keep up the hard work.

Emily Chilton, Class of 2018

One of Emily’s resolutions was to read more for herself, particularly works outside her comfort zone. Her methods, including reading right before bed, have paid off, and she’s now reading more nonfiction than she had been.

Alexan Bailey, Class of 2019

Alexan made the resolution to go to the gym more, and for the first few weeks she was really making it work! But now that busyness has set in, she’s maintaining “Meredith Strong” more in academic pursuits than physical ones.


Katie Murphy, Class of 2018

Katie vowed to eat out at restaurants less, cooking more of her meals at home and always avoiding fast food. She and her roommate now cook dinner together twice a week, and she uses her weekends to prepare the week’s upcoming meals. She now eats out just two times a week, compared to 2017’s six times!

Emily Mitchum, Class of 2020

Emily made the unique resolution to say “sorry” only when genuine. She says it’s more difficult than she expected and that it has taught her a lot about the importance of language and its intent!

Kirby Forbes, Class of 2019

Kirby’s big 2018 goal was to journal weekly in her new devotion book. She’s succeeded every week, though sometimes it happens a little late. Sounds familiar, I admit! Good job keeping up.



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