An End-of-Semester Bucket List

yeahBy Mimi Mays
All the things that have been up in the air this semester are finally falling to the ground. Though it may seem like just yesterday that we were reading syllabi and wearing mittens, fewer than three weeks stand between Honors students and summer break. Until before we’re obliged to kick this semester’s bucket, here’s a list of five ways to make the most of your final days.
  1. Hug a graduating senior. They’re only around for so much longer and you’ll miss them when they’re gone! Give one a hug, or a respectful handshake, and tell them how much they mean to you.
  2. Fill out your course evaluations. Take a minute to express your gratitude to your faculty members, too! Or, give some constructive criticism. Both are appreciated.
  3. Take a walk through the seniors’ tunnel. Besides being some likely-needed exercise, a trip to the tunnel is special because it’ll never be the same! Even in the fall before the next painting, you won’t have the same outlook or the same memories to reflect on between the cool cement walls.
  4. Soak up the arts. Meredith arts programs have so much to offer this month: the play Marie Antoinette, the dance program’s Danceworks show, senior concerts, and more. Take a break from the books and cheer on (or politely applaud) your sisters.
  5. Have a study picnic outside. Check the forecast first, of course, but if the clouds have cleared and the sun is shining, take advantage. Some fresh air and warm rays might do you—and your brain—some good.

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