Caroline in the City of Light

Note: Caroline G. ’19 is a dual-degree Honors junior. She is preparing a BSW and a BA in Psychology. This past spring, she received an Honors study abroad scholarship for a month of study in Paris, where she is today. Here is Caroline’s blog post from the French capital:
Thanks to the support of the Honors program, I have been fortunate to spend the 
last three weeks studying social work in Paris, France, with L’​École Pratique de Service Socia​l (EPSS). Each July, the EPSS offers a month-long course taught in English for international students, professors, and professionals in social work and related fields. Through the program, I have met people from Tajikistan, Czech Republic, Canada, Romania, Mexico, and the US. 
IMG_20180702_005449_834 (2)
Paris at dusk, July 2018
Since a brief visit to Paris at the end of high school, I have wanted to return to the City of Light. Summer school at EPSS combines lectures, group visits to social service agencies, and individual or paired placements for an immersive experience across many social work topics: homelessness, mental health, child protection, and more.
At the end of our first week, we traveled to France’s Loire Valley, visiting Blois, Cheverny, Amboise, Chambord, and Chenonceaux to discover the beautiful châteaux there.  Closer to Paris, we were introduced to more aspects of French social work through visits to Versailles, the ​Musée d’Orsay​, and the Louvre.
Attending an affiliate study abroad program alone exemplified to me the independence and courage that my experience at Meredith as an Honors student helped me to develop. I’m excited to close out this chapter in my life with a quick trip to Amsterdam. ​À​bientôt​, Meredith College! 

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