Students prepare for Scholars’ Weekend

The spring semester is in full swing here at Meredith. February is upon us, and with that comes a fun part of being an Honors student- participating in Scholars’ Weekend! Scholars’ Weekend will be held this coming weekend, Sunday, Feb. 17- Monday, Feb. 18. This is a time in which rising college students who are qualified and interested in the Meredith Honors Program, Teaching Fellows, and other scholarships interview and get a taste of what being a Meredith student is like. The co-chairs this year are freshman Barbara Barrier and sophomore Kim Schuh. Current Honors students are helping in a variety of ways, from hosting a student in their dorm overnight, to walking groups of students around to interviews and other events held throughout the weekend.

“Students can volunteer to be Group Leaders which lead groups of prospective students around according to their group’s schedule for the day.  Another option is an Interview Leader Escort, in which the student will take certain students to their interview room location. What is most important every year is the need for students to be Overnight Hosts!  Hosts will house one or two students overnight after the stressful yet exciting day of interviews for the prospective students is over.”

-Kim Schuh, Class of 2021

Many Honors students are excited about getting to welcome and meet some prospective new Honors sisters. Students remember when they interviewed at Scholars’ Weekend and may look back fondly on the experience.

“When I pulled through the front gate for Scholars’ weekend, I was the most excited, nervous, and anxious I’d even been. I had no idea what was waiting for me. Looking back, I remember it like it was yesterday. Everyone I met was so kind and spoke highly of Meredith. After being here for a year, I understand why they loved it so much. Being surrounded by so many smart and strong women for that weekend made me so excited to start my experience here.”

-Aly Henneberry, Class of 2022

Aly Henneberry, pictured at right, poses for the photo booth during Scholars’ Weekend 2018.

Students may also remember the day that they received their acceptance to the Honors program.

“That weekend I got a taste of just how special the people of Meredith College really are! I met a few fellow Class of 2021 members, but most of all, I discovered that Meredith is where I wanted to be. I was elated to receive my admission into the Honors Program, and my parents and I celebrated the achievement with a trip to the Meredith bookstore!”

-Ashleigh Murr, Class of 2021

Current students are excited to see what this year’s Scholars’ Weekend will bring, and are grateful to the Honors program for all of the opportunities this program has provided for them thus far!


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