5 Tips for Finishing the Spring Semester Strong

As Honors students begin to see the first flowers bloom and bright rays of sunshine that signal the start of warm weather, this time of year is also one that can be chaotic and hectic– exam season! Exams are just around the corner and will be upon us in the next few weeks. Whether you are feeling stressed or excited to take on this challenge, read on to find some tips to help you finish the semester strong!

1. Plan out your exam week schedule ahead of time– and stick to it. Sitting down and writing when all of your exams take place will help you stay in a much calmer mindset throughout, and ensure that you won’t forget any tests or assignments. Using a planner or calendar is also a huge help–this will help you make certain that you can give 100% of your time and effort to these deadlines.

2. Take breaks, and take care of yourself. This tip is a game changer. Studying and putting a lot of effort into finals is important; however, it is still crucial to find time to eat well, hydrate, sleep properly, and exercise. This combined with taking mental breaks will help you put your best foot forward during exam week.

3. Manage your time well, and don’t wait until the last minute to start studying. Set aside a period of time every day to study chunks of material rather than cramming the night before your finals start. Not only will this decrease stress and prevent your brain from being overloaded with information, but there are also countless studies that prove this is the most effective way to study for exams. This is definitely a win-win situation: there is a better chance that you receive a good grade and you are more likely to feel prepared for your exams, thereby setting you up for success.

4. Study with peers and classmates. Reviewing lessons and concepts with those who have been in your classes all semester may give you a new perspective on the material. In addition, teaching the material to others and studying in a group setting can help you retain more information.

5. Contact professors if you come across any questions regarding content and class materials. Asking these last minute questions will give you all the avenues necessary to tackle your exams head-on!


Honors students, hang on these last few weeks of the spring semester! Good luck to all on your final exams, and the Honors Program hopes you will have a fun and restful summer break!


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