Cornhuskin’ 2019: Honors Edition

Meredith College’s well-known tradition, Cornhuskin’, took place this year on Saturday, November 2. Beloved by all, the day started with a parade at 3:30 pm, where all of the classes showed their school spirit. Additionally, many clubs and organizations at Meredith participated in the parade. The night of Cornhuskin’ began at 6:30 pm in McIver Amphitheater. It was entertaining and fun for many, with the Class of 2020 winning the competition overall. All of the classes performed well in their dances, skits, as well as their apple bobbing and cornshucking competitions. Leading up to Cornhuskin’ were a variety of events to celebrate the occasion. These included hall raids from every class, Can Art, and the President’s Raid. Cornhuskin’ does a great job of promoting unity among all students at Meredith College. It also connects the alumni community with current students, since many alumni return for the tradition. Below, read a few stories from Honors students who participated in the festivities!


“I participated in Can Art, the parade, the Skit, Hog Callin’, and Tall Tale! I think it went absolutely amazing! I love participating in Cornhuskin, as it’s such a unique and special event. It gives me such joy to see all of our hard work finally pay off. It’s also so exciting to see all of the other classes and their hard work! Seeing the unity between all of the classes and the constant support we give one another is truly special. Cornhuskin’ is just another reminder of how truly lucky I am to be at Meredith, surrounded by supportive, empowering, and strong individuals. I have met so many wonderful people and formed new and unbreakable bonds with friends. I’m sad that I only have two Cornhuskins left, but I can’t wait to make the absolute best of each one of them.”

-Kiley Van Ryn, Class of 2022


IMG_1191.jpg“I’m a junior in the Honors Program majoring in Math and Psychology. I had the opportunity to participate in Cornhuskin’ for the junior class in multiple capacities this year! For one, I was the class corn-shucker, where I shucked seven ears of corn in less than a minute! I also participated in the dances and walked in the parade! I have been involved in the Cornhuskin’ tradition since my freshman year and am eagerly looking forward to next year. By going to the late-night dance practices in the parking lot I was able to spend time with many women from my class and connect with them in a special way, sharing in this unique experience together. The parade was very enjoyable – with the massive balloon arches to singing chants among the classes – and encompassed the school spirit of Meredith. This tradition is so personal to Meredith and truly unifies members within a class, and the different classes together as one school of strong women. I recommend that everyone try to join in this tradition in some way or another, it really is suey-t!”

-Paige Lawrence, Class of 2021


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