Meredith is Mad for Alice in Wonderland


Meredith College’s faculty and staff production of Alice in Wonderland took the stage during the weekend of January 24, 2020. Occurring only every four years, this tradition is few and far between. This year’s performance of Alice in Wonderland marks 96 years since the first one in 1924. The original production was a gift from faculty to students, and ever since then, it has been an unforgettable experience for every attendee. From waiting in line for hours to seeing professors in crazy costumes, Alice in Wonderland is an experience that every Meredith student treasures. Here are some thoughts from Honors students who attended the 2020 production of Alice in Wonderland!

Photo Courtesy of Abby Black

“I got in line at 6:30 in the morning, but because I was with my friends it was totally worth it!  I was expecting to just see the normal Alice in wonderland story, but what I experienced was so much more. My favorite part about Alice would be all the references to the Lillian Parker Wallace lecture in the fall, where we heard from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I was also so surprised to see one of my professors in the play- I had no idea she was in it! Alice in Wonderland was 100% worth the wait and something I will never forget.”

– Abby Black, Class of 2023  


60160211250__8552402D-9CF2-4072-847A-0062EE39EC7F 2
Photo Courtesy of Taylor Walker

“Waking up early to get the tickets was definitely a part of the experience. I will probably never again wake up that early. My favorite part about the play was seeing my English Professor Dr. Walton dressed as a Knight and reciting Shakespeare. I think that everybody did amazing in the play, and made it memorable for the audience. I can’t believe that Jo Allen was in the play either! She did amazing, and I was so excited to get a photo with her after the performance. I know that next time marks 100 years since the first Alice, so I will want to be there. If you are not 100% bought into this crazy Meredith tradition, you have to go. You will not regret it!               -Hannah Weigle, Class of 2023



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