Meredith resources to take advantage of this semester (even during a pandemic)

Meredith offers many resources on and off campus that provide support for students. If you haven’t taken advantage of these resources prior to this semester this post, then this will likely be a fruitful resource for you.  

Looking for jobs:

If you are on the hunt for a job, there is a tab under MyMeredith that allows companies and local families to post a job offer for Meredith students. This is a great way to get involved in the community and give back to other families who are in need of childcare, pet-care, or other professional services. 

The Learning Center:

Through the learning center, students are able to make 30-minute virtual meetings with a tutor to aid in their understanding of coursework.

Pictured above: previous learning center tutors , click the link above for more updated information

The Print and Copy Center:

Meredith allows its students to print in a variety of formats including large quantities with different kinds of paper. It is common for students to think they only have the ability to print things on 8.5 x 11 inch pieces of paper, however they can print on a variety of materials through the resources below. Check out this presentation for more info.

Borrowing tech through Media Services:

Media Services allow students to check out laptops, you can contact 919-760-8444 to rent a laptop or to learn more information regarding checking out technology such as GoPros, Canon DSLR cameras, tripods, projectors and more.

Counseling Center:

Students have the ability to call the Counseling Center at (919) 760-8427 or email at for a phone consultation or a telehealth counseling appointment. This allows students to talk about various counseling needs such as time management, trauma, or other aspects of their lives they would like to discuss with a professional. 

There are various additional resources Meredith offers. Be sure to chat with your advisor if you are looking for a specific resource that is not on this list!


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