Study Abroad Highlight : Olivia Slack in Italy

To add to the previous post regarding study abroad, Olivia Slack has her own experience to share. Olivia is a Senior in the Honors Program. She studied abroad in 2019  on the Italian Life & Culture program in Sansepolcro. Read below to learn more about her trip!

I chose this program because I wanted to be able to take a whole semester to really explore Italy and learn as much as I could. I learned so much about Italian art and culture, and about being independent and traveling by myself. I traveled every single weekend except one, so learning to plan a weekend trip, be flexible, and budget for the trip and for the whole semester was extremely helpful. While I was studying abroad, I became more confident and able to rely on myself. Some advice I would give to other Meredith students hoping to study abroad is that they should try to independently travel as much as they can afford to, and really take the time to learn about the culture while you’re there. If you study abroad with an open mind and a love for learning, you will have the time of your life. Also, even if you don’t know anyone who’s going abroad with you, you will definitely make friends!

– Olivia Slack

Attached are some photos from Olivia’s trip! The first two landscapes are from Cinque Terre (Monterosso is the cliff one & Vernazza is the colorful town), the third is from Florence, and the fourth is from Assisi. Slack is also pictured in Sorrento and in Venice.


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